Sunday, 23 February 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen through my iPhone and VSCO Cam app on Saturday February 22

8 am: She woke up at 7:30 am, which is quite ok.

9 am: She asked for some food, but didn't eat much.

10 am: breakfast preparations

11 am: brunch, done

Noon: She seems tired; hopefully she will fall asleep in the pram as we walk to the city centre. (She didn't.)

1 pm: always a pleasure to pass by this florist (Toneblomst)

2 pm: A wet and cold visit to the farmers market, but we got what we needed - and a little extra.

3 pm: restocked and ready for Sunday brunch with our friends

4 pm: so much fun in one little air filled plastic thingy

5 pm: I ran. I got soaked to the skin, it was quite unpleasant but so worth it. Also, I ran up the hill that I walk up on my last run.

6 pm: laundry, has too be done, even during weekends

7 pm: toddler supper remains

8 pm: not dry like the British ones, but still does the trick

9 pm: He made dinner (fresh tuna - hurrah!) whilst I comforted Sara. She cried and complained about earache.

10 pm: I'm so glad my husband can cook! Luckily there was no more complaints from Sara.

11 pm: a little meaningless TV watching and off to bed before midnight


  1. Nice!! You take awesome pictures. I love to see your life, and I'm happy I get inspired by your blog so much.
    Here are my pictures
    Luckily we found a warm, sunny day in Milano so we got the most out of it.

  2. Så gøy med sånne innlegg! Må ut og kjøpe blomster ASAP.

  3. i really think you must live in the most beautiful city. it's pretty even in dark, grey february!

    which richard scarry book is that?

  4. I had this book with the boat when I was a child and I loved it! What was the name of the author??

  5. Lovely! Can I come over for brunch ;-)

  6. I love this project of yours. Pretty pics as always! I need to visit your country one of these days. =)

  7. Dette får meg til å savne Bergen veldig! :)



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