Friday, 24 January 2014

things I like lately

- this soup looks simple and yummy
- note to self: remember to put away your phone more often! (thanks for the reminder Caroline)
- this post by Natalie
- this post by Nadja
- listebloggen (via Nadja)
- her name is moon (via listebloggen)
- the smell of freshly baked bread
- passing by a guy (dad, I assume) on a scooter with a baby in a Baby Björn carrier - the baby's expression was priceless
- having a house guest most of the week
- watching mediocre romantic comedies on Netflix with said house guest
- a couple of efficient early mornings alone with Sara when I had to get to work/school early 
- the first bouquet of tulips of the season
- slowly getting back to my running routine
- walking to work/school - just like I used to before 
- Sara pretending to talk on the phone 

- - -

Answers to this week's questions in the comment section:

There were a few food related questions regarding a vegetable soup and kale pesto, I'll share the recipes in separate posts soon.

Mirko asked:
Did you finish D2?

Yes, I did actually finish it. Still have a big backlog though.

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