Friday, 17 January 2014

things I like lately

just a little something to make you long for warm summer mornings | Fuji Superia 200, Canon EOS 500N

- Netflix + Apple TV
- orange is the new black
- Kinfolk magazine's Pinterest boards
- ordering a new subscription to Stella magazine
- getting my hair cut (just trimmed and got my bangs back)
- two cortados (in cafés) in one day
- homemade kale pesto
- cold, clear weather that makes mornings so much brighter
- looking forward to Susanne Kaluza's new book "Mammarådet"
- these photos by photographer Nicole Franzen
- Marte Marie Forsberg's ever inspiring Instagram feed
- the feeling of moisturizer on my hands when they really needed it
- how to take better photos on your phone: Instagram tips from photographers (via Nicole Franzen's blog)
- this Copenhagen apartment
- this backpack
- this post by Mariell/Hjartesmil
- seat warmer in the car seat on a cold day
- colleagues saying "god middag" (meaning good dinner) to each other when they leave work in the afternoon
- just a little bit of snow - it makes the landscape so much brighter
- the word "divan" - it reminds me of my great grandfather who used to nap on the divan in the corner of his dining room
- a new Moleskine notebook that I will use as my recipe book (my old one is full)
- the "kultureliten" segment in the radio program "kulturhuset" on P2
- very small hotels (via 101 cookbooks)
- heaven in Paris (via A Cup of Jo)
- 15 genuine tips for living in small spaces - Sølve and I lived three years in a 30 square meter (320 square feet) apartment, so I always find this topic interesting
- this post by Molly
- Sara's fondness of standing on a chair by the kitchen counter "helping" us cook
- getting my copy of my life + good things book

- - -

things I don't like lately

- Sara crying when I leave her at barnehagen (kindergarten) - the staff comforts me though: they say she stops crying after a few minutes and is smiling and laughing all day
- a cold that does not want to let go
- the lack of running because of said cold
- feeling under the weather - possibly because of lack of running and the cold
- not having the willpower to stay away from chocolate
- eating way too much chocolate and then feeling sick
- comparing myself to others and feeling that the things I do are not good enough

- - -

I will try to get better at answering questions asked in comments in this space, and I will (mostly) do so in these Friday "things I like lately" posts. Here are answers to this week's questions:

Irene asked:
How do you make you no knead bread? It looks very good and healthy :)

My friend Jakob taught me how to make it when we were at the mountain cabin this summer. He said he learnt it by watching this video by Norwegian food blogger Mat på bordet. James of Bleubird just posted about the no knead technique too. As you can see, it is very simple!

Ana asked:
Hi, I really like your kitchen, my boyfriend and I are planning to have very similar one; white with wooden countertop... I have a question about the water pipe... do you find it ok that it is direct on the countertop or is it always wet around there? We like the way it looks but some people said that it is probably not so practical... now I see that you actually have it so I better ask someone with actual experience. Thank you and I wish you many nice moments in your beautiful kitchen in the future!

We were a bit worried about this also. I find that as long as you always make sure that the area around the tap and sink is always dry, it is ok. If you don't wipe away the water, the wood countertop will be damaged. Oiling the wood regularly is smart.

ALittaM asked:
Since we have toddlers of about the same age, do you have any app for Ipad that you might suggest to keep her entertained :)?

Puzzle apps: TozzleHD, FarmPuzzle, AnimalPuzzle, Puslespill for små barn, Puslespill for barn.
Numbers apps: Telling 123, Tellespillet
Letters app: Bogga Alfabet
Audiobook apps (in Norwegian): Donald junior, Lillesøster, Malvin, Kasten & Petra
Other: Elias, Se og si, Peppa's party

- - -

You know what? I just realized there was supposed to be two winners of the Printic giveaway. I just announced one winner last Friday. So sorry about that! The second winner is comment number 12 - Ingvild of Ting som gjør en glad. Congratulations! Gratulerer, Ingrid. Send meg en e-post så forteller jeg deg hvordan du får printene dine.


  1. Vet du hva jeg liker? Disse postene dine!! ;)

  2. Næh, så gøy! Jeg klarte ikke å finn e-posten din, kanskje du kan sende meg?

  3. I think we have the same choccolate problem in the moment....but don´t feel bad, Astrid! It is much easier to stay away from choccolate in springtime, so maybe we could give ourselves some more weeks of procastination before starting up again :0)


  4. thanks for your answer*
    have a nice weekend!

  5. Du er bra nok, det er jeg helt sikker på. Disse postene er veldig fine og inspirerende! Jeg sitter også inne med betennelse i en fot. Kjedelig. Må nøye meg med å se sola fra vinduet :/

  6. Astrid, your blog is natural and soothing, full of beauty and warmth. you are talented, intelligent and simply amazing. so don't compare yourself with others because they don't stand a chance!



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