Friday, 3 January 2014

things I like lately

my little pancake making assistant (from a few weeks ago)

- coming home to Bergen after a week in our hometown Sandnes celebrating Christmas with our families - home sweet home
- a nice drive home from Sandnes (4,5 hours, including two ferries) - Sara slept a lot, which is no longer guaranteed like it used to be when she was a baby
- celebrating New Years with our friends - even though we had a rough night with Sara; the fireworks woke her up and scared her - she kept asking "bang, bang, bang ferdig?" (ferdig means done/finished)
- seeing how much Sara loved playing with our friends' kids during New Years
- egg and bacon for breakfast New Years Day
- Sara helping me make American pancakes for breakfast
- seeing Sølve and Sara put out food for the birds in our garden
- homemade pomegranate ice cream (made by our friends)
- "normal" dinners after all the heavy, rich Christmas dinners 
- feeling inspired to cook again
- finally finishing the first season of House of Cards - we totally fell off the TV series watching wagon some time during the autumn
- looking forward to start watching season two of Homeland, season two of Game of Thrones and season three of Solsidan - all of which we have already bought on dvd (we really should stop buying dvds and instead get Netflix or something like that)
- two episodes in a row of Criminal Minds (on TV, not dvd) - even though it made me stay up later than I should 
- nasal spray, hot water with lemon and honey with whiskey (from Vossabia) and the softest Kleenex available - both Sølve and I have come down with colds
- karbonade med speilegg for lunch at the office 
- reading about other bloggers' plans and goals for the new year - and making my own plans (will be posted soon)
- trying to think out plans for this blog for the new year
- Sara stealing my slice of toasted whole grain bread with salami, brie (not the mildest kind) and red bell pepper instead of eating her slice of Grandiosa frozen pizza 
- seeing how much Sara loved playing with the Duplo doll house she got from her cousins for Christmas 
this post by the ever inspiring Linn
- seeing that some of my old Flickr friends are starting 365 photo projects - I'm a liiitle bit tempted to join in… but I have kind of quit Flickr… will have to think about it...
- finishing my new Blurb book life + good things - I'll show you a preview soon
- currently watching a random film on TV (The Visitor) that seems beautiful 

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PS: ask me anything

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Edit: I'm doing it!

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