Thursday, 9 January 2014

right now

autumn 2013 | Fuji Superia 200, Canon EOS 500N

Thursday afternoon. Just came home from work/studies. Will pick up Sara from barnehagen in half an hour. I sit in the green wingback chair and feel happy. Happy that the sun came out today, happy for the coffee in my hand, happy for the photos on the film that I picked up at the lab today. I had forgotten all about the photos on the roll; photos from our beautiful weekend at Hardangervidda with my parents in August, from a Champagne fueled weekend in Stockholm with our friends in September and random glimpses of everyday life in-between. I can not remember I had a roll of film in my camera for so long. I'm so glad I was reminded of these (kind of) forgotten good times. The magic of analog photography. I'm in love. Again.

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  1. Your words in this post made me smile. ♥ Happy weekend, Astrid!



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