Sunday, 26 January 2014

life, week 4

Sunday evening mansion building. Not sure who had the most fun; most likely Sølve.

Trying something else than my regular breakfast. Nothing radical, just mixed some banana in with the oats, nuts and milk. A welcomed change.

matpakke | packed lunch

pre lunch snack whilst working at home

oh Bergen

house guest week

had a very rough night with Sara - so thankful that the following day was a slow one working at home

a promise of brighter days

I love this view of our neighbour's yard with all the lights and candles

I really enjoyed this breakfast | Greek yoghurt, mixed nuts and seeds, blueberries and honey

freezing cream for later use

the smell of freshly make bread distracted me from my work

so glad I can work at home


oh Bergen

these two are my life

- - -

Week 4: January 20-26


  1. What a lovely collection of the week.
    I didn't know cream can be frozen. Do you use it in soup or sauces afterwards?

  2. Bergen must be such a wonderful little town and I hope I can visit one day. I have only been to Oslo and to northern Norway a few times – and only north of Mo i Rana... I visited Vardø, too :)

  3. I never get tired of seeing your images. And the final picture with the comment "these two are my life"
    sigh …love it.



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