Sunday, 19 January 2014

life, week 3

feeling a bit under the weather | she cried when I left her in barnehagen/kindergarten - it makes my heart hurt

a rare treat: working in a café | also: two cortados in one day

got my bangs back and fell in love (again) with this photo wallpaper

homemade kale pesto - yum!

08:20 am silhouettes against a clear, cold winter sky, -5 C on the way to the office, fresh coffee in my hand - I like it!

serious sugar kick week

To make up for the lousy frozen pizza I served my family for dinner, there was freshly baked bread for supper.

Friday was my last day at this company - freelance life, studies and substitute teaching here I come!

I love light that makes me stop and stare

the sun really showed off Friday afternoon

weekend ritual

I hardly ever clean when she naps. I do what ever I want.

first time dealing with this kind of vegetable

…which resulted in soup for lunch. Even Sara liked it!

09:25 am and Sara is still sleeping - sleep record!

Sunday roast with friends - its the best!

- - -

Week 3: January 13-19


  1. I always love your everyday pictures, thank you!


  2. Gorgeous light! I'm the same. Love to sit and take in the pretty light :)

  3. Hvordan lager du grønnkålpestoen? Jeg vil prøve :)

  4. I always enjoy your everyday life photos too. Your enjoyment of very cold weather is helping me appreciate our winter too. Sometimes I just want to hibernate, but then I bundle up and get outside and it's glorious. I took a walk last night and was rewarded with brilliant stars--winter is the best time for star watching. Congratulations on your butternut squash soup--at least it looks like butternut squash. It is very similar in flavor to the crookneck pumpkin I've enjoyed this season. And, it's super good for you.

  5. That light up in Scandinavia, I'm missing it! Your food always looks so good, Astrid. What did you put into the vegetable soup? It looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe for the no knead bread :)



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