Monday, 13 January 2014

life, week 2

She is getting more and more into role play these days. The doll house she got for Christmas from her cousins has become a big hit. 

Getting ready for my running date with M. Not sure my cold is ready for it yet. (It was not ready it.)

Enjoying a few minutes alone before the other two wakes up.

I hope my sudden sugar craving will go away when I eat this banana. (It did not work.)

Refill. Office version.

One of the benefits of my job: free fruit.

Just before bedtime, so excited about the iPad puzzles.

Freshly baked no-knead bread for supper = win!

Oh Bergen! You are pretty even on the rainy days.

I needed this | and then, off to bed before 8:30 pm


I'm procrastinating and I'm really good at it.

Nap time did not happen. I did however rearrange a bit in Sara's room. She seems happy with it.

So thankful for moments like this.

What is all this bright light?!

Making the most of it.

Happy to finally get a feeling of winter after too many days of spring-like weather.

And then there was hot chocolate.

Blue hour, winter version

- - -

Week 2: January 6-12


  1. The picture of Bergen in the rain is just where I lived! How I miss Lille Øvregate :)

  2. Amazing pictures as usual!
    Since we have toddlers of about the same age, do you have any app for Ipad that you might suggest to keep her entertained :) ?

  3. This is a great set of photos. How do you make you no knead bread? It looks very good and healthy :)



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