Sunday, 5 January 2014

life, week 1

I get the red tea light holders out December 1 as part of our Christmas decorations. I keep them at least through January. I enjoy the evening ritual of lighting all twenty of them.

Home. Monday. Still Vacation.

Last breakfast of the year: American pancakes and bacon.

We have all come down with colds, which means that mamma and pappa happily nap whilst baby naps.

Breakfast dessert: homemade pomegranate ice cream. So, so, so good!

New Years Day still life

Cold remedy: hot water with lemon and honey with whiskey (from Vossabia).

My 0730 am breakfast is long gone - it is now 0815 and I'm still waiting for Sara to wake up so I can get to work (I'm not really in a hurry, so I won't wake her). She woke up one minute after I had posted this to Instagram. Ha!

January 3, 0850 am

"Sova oppi her, mamma". I took the hint and put her down for her nap minutes later.

Time to remove the New Years nail polish, me thinks.

Glad we still have several portions of stroganoff left in the freezer. It is really very good.

One of my plans for the new year is to cook a new meal from one of my cookbooks each week. I started by making aubergine parmigiana from Sophie Dahl's book. It was super delicious - a stayer!

I LOVE our friends vintage table!

We are hooked!

She helped her pappa prepare the meat for tonight's dinner. She was really into it.

- - -

Week 1: December 30 - January 5


  1. This is a very nice post! Thank you for sharing. I always love your glimpses to everyday life.


  2. I also like having little candles around the house... it makes me feel festive and the ritual of lighting them all is really nice. And I like fragrant candles for the bedroom...

    Your "woods" teacup is more than adorable. Love it. <3

  3. Hverdagsglimt. De er bare SÅ gode !



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