Thursday, 30 January 2014

January 30, 2006-2014

2006: close to finishing the building of the small apartment in our basement

2007: title and caption written on Flickr: Tuesday January 30 1417 pm | very, very tired

2008: title and caption written on Flickr: onsdag 30. januar | 30/366 | 8 pm. just came home from the office. i sure like my big hallway mirror

2009: caption written on Flickr: 12 o'clock is lunch time at the office. Today I had instant broccoli and cauliflower soup. What did you have?

2010: Saturday dinner at out friends' place

2011: caption written on Flickr: Sunday, January 30 | home, Bergen | 30/365

2012: Sara 13 weeks old | she suddenly fell asleep

2013: winter, Bergen style

2014: 9 am light outside my hotel at Stord


  1. Do you know what? Your bangs as you wear them now really fit you so well!

  2. I've been following you so long---back to my early Flickr days--that those early photos bring back memories for me too. I follow a few other blogs, but yours was my first and is still my favorite. I have been retired from the business world for five years and now have time for my love of art and photography. To help promote my work, I've decided to start an art blog. Have absolutely no website creation experience, but with inspiration from Hei Astrid, I'm going to give it a shot. Happy weekend.



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