Saturday, 4 January 2014

in 2014 I plan to

from the archives | Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

I could probably just copy/paste my 2013 list, but I will try to be a bit more creative. Here goes; in 2014 I plan to:

- cook a new meal from one of my cookbooks each week
- eat in moderation (my jeans have been too tight for too long, and it is no longer baby weight…)
- keep up my running routine 
- take good care of my body 
- read in bed before I go to sleep
- spend a weekend in London with my husband
- spend a long weekend in Paris with my husband and our fellow Champagne and food loving friends
- finish reading D2 every week and not let them pile up 
- focus on quality - not quantity - in the photos I take 
- focus on balance and simplicity 
- spend time outside every day 
- continue journaling life through photography
- continue my Monday photo organizing routine (every Monday I transfer last week's photos from my cameras to my computer and upload a backup to my Flickr)
- continue the Friday tradition of "things I like lately" posts
- continue the dinner planning project - because we love food and find it easier to eat healthy dinners when they are planned ahead
- continue to make note of good things and stay positive every day
- continue to love my little family all the way to the stars and back 

What do you plan to do in 2014?


  1. In 2014 I plan to:

    - Continue to try being better at giving compliments and praise to other people. I am disappointed to say that I am much better at constructive criticism than at constructive praise....A personality flaw, I know!
    - Give weekly meal-planning a real shot. In 2013 we tried a couple of times, but we were clearly not commited enough to see it through.
    -Try to give more space to "date time" with my man. After our little son arrived in spring 2012, we have not yet had a date night out by ourselves. In addition I would like to have at least one or two evenings a week with some "couple time". We are very independent individuals and tend to forget how important it is to by example watch tv series together, instead of at individual times during the week.
    -Continue the change of lifestyle that we started in 2013. This past winter we tried out eating less carbs and no "halvfabrikata". This has turned out so well for the both of us! We have lost many pounds each and feel a lot better both physically and mentally :-) Of course we still have our little gulity pleasures...I will never give up my cinnamon bun that I munch each saturday ;p
    -Continue with my jogging & working out at the gym Elixia...after becoming a mother I finally enjoy that "me-time" :)
    - Read up on leadership and take a leadership/project management exam in February, as planned
    -Finally take the big leap to move from Oslo to my hometown Bergen :-)
    -And hopefully give birth to a little baby brother or sister to our son...we'll see what the future brings.. :-)

    Thank you so much for continuing to write your wonderful & inspiring blog, Astrid!

  2. Lækker liste !
    Jeg kan næææsten kopiere den, bortset fra dine rutiner med fotografering da :)

    Mine planer/fortsætter for 2014... Jeg har skrevet lidt om dem på bloggen, og som ved dig er mange af dem egentlig de samme som sidste år - et fortsæt af gode rutiner.

    Godt nytår

  3. This might as well be my list. Health will be on top of my list this year. Both with regards to eating and exercising AND cooking for my part too. I also thing you have tons of good things going on that I look forward to you continuing here on the blog!! (With regards to the photography I think I need to allow myself more time and contemplation for each frame I shoot, in cases where I can. It really improves my shots!)

  4. ser ut som en fin 2014 plan :)
    -Kutte ut søtsaker og brus i ukene, ( en får vente til helgen)
    -Være mer i aktivitet
    -Spise frokost vær dag ( noe jeg er super dårlig til, MÅ bli flinkere)
    -Fokusere 100 % på barna mine (som jeg pleier)
    -gjøre om rommet under trappen til et "garderobe"rom for lagring av vinter tøy og sko ( der er det et eneste kaos )
    -Bli flinkere til litt kjæreste tid!!

  5. In 2014 I plan to... not be afraid!

  6. My plans for this year look nothing like they did a couple of weeks ago. Because of some recent changes in our life things are looking very different for us this coming year. It is kind of exciting. It is kind of scary. So, my plans for the coming year:

    - move across the Province (BC, Canada) to the island
    - find a new job or hopefully go back to school to get my Bachelor degree in Anthropology
    - relax more and learn to let go
    - discover new music that I love to listen to
    - meet new and exciting people who love to eat tasty food, drink lovely drinks, and listen to music as much as I do
    - bring my French and Swedish speaking abilities back up to fluency levels
    - take more road trips, hopefully to the States to visit family and explore fun new places

    Cheers to 2014!

  7. Inspirerende liste. Vi har adoptert minst en av dine planer for det nye året. Og prøvd det ut!



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