Tuesday, 14 January 2014

ask me anything - print winners

A month ago I encouraged you to ask me anything. In return I promised to do my best to answer honestly + give 3 of you the opportunity to win a print of your choice from my print shop. Apparently my life is like an open book, because only five of you have questions for me. Ha! So, I decided to give all five commenters a print. Thanks for playing along! 

india2australia, Anna J, Lisa, Charlotte and Edna, please tell me which print you want, email me (astridhagen@hotmail.com) your postal address and a print will soon be on its way to you. 


  1. These five winners are lucky as your prints such great work and such an awesome gift!

  2. Oh I am so excited. I have had so much fun going through your photos trying to decide which one I love the most. So hard!

    Thank you Astrid!



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