Thursday, 16 January 2014

ask me anything | answers

being dad's photo assistant, ca two years old | photo by my dad 

Here are the answers to the ask me anything questions:

india2australia asked:
1) So which is better as far as Taste?
2) Would it alter the taste of the pad thai much?

1) I have hardly any experience with either fish or oyster sauce, so I don't know.
2) I don't know; I have never made pad thai.

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Anna J asked:
1) What are your plans for the holidays?
2) Do you plan to ever move from Bergen (oh lovely looking place to live!)?

1) Summer holiday? We are planning to rent a summer house with our friends in either Croatia or Italy. We rented together in Spain last summer, and it was really great.
2) We might actually move south to the Sandnes/Stavanger area (where both Sølve and I are from) in a few years from now. Our parents all live there, and it would be really nice for Sara (and us, of course) to live closer to her grandparents. Bergen is absolutely a lovely place to live and it will be very hard to leave. 

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Lisa asked:
- What I would like to know is how you manage your studies, work and motherhood? I had my children during my studies at university and it was very very challenging. How many hours do you work and how many hours do you study?
- I would also be very interested to know what type of teacher you are becoming and how long it will take?
- I'm not sure if you have mentioned it before, but I wonder how you organize your photos. Which program do you use? Do you use iPhoto?

- Good question! I'll answer this in a separate post soon about work/life balance. 
- I'll become a high school teacher in media (I have a masters degree in media science). I'm doing a postgraduate certificate in education part time, over two years. 
- I have written a little bit about it here. When I switched from pc to mac a year ago, I started using iPhono. I don't use all its functionality yet though; I just organize photos in folders for each week and name the folder "week 3 January 2013" (example). 

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Charlotte asked:
What is your favourite part of the day? And why?

I like the quiet of early mornings with its wonders of what the day ahead will be. 

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Edna asked:
- Which kind of teacher will you be?
- What advice would you give for protecting you private life whilst blogging? (I don't have a blog yet but think about opening one)
- And a baby-question: what pram did you have and are you happy with it?

- See above. 
- Good question! I have already written a little bit about it here. I will also write more about it in a separate post soon with thoughts on blogging about my baby. Other than that, I have always blogged with my full name as I already have an online presence as a journalist and copywriter and I have partly used my blog to promote my work. 
- Our pram is from Emmaljunga. We bought it from our friends, so I'm not sure which model it is - possibly an old version of this. We are very happy with it! It is great quality, sturdy and safe for the wet and cold Norwegian weather. It is a bit big and heavy though. We also have this little stroller that we use when traveling and for short walks. It is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. 

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