Saturday, 25 January 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen through my iPhone and VSCO Cam app on Saturday January 25

7 am: two is a crowd in our tiny bathroom

8 am: Saturdays are my early weekend mornings (which means I get to sleep in Sundays). I really enjoy our routine of cartoons, a bottle of milk, coffee and D2.

9 am: This bunch of clementines have been sitting on our countertop for a month (!), so they didn't seem very appetizing to eat. They made an scrumptious juice though.

10 am: time to wake up pappa

11 am: After she washed her hands and got soaking wet, she requested a bath. With bubbles.

Noon: lunch, just finished

1 pm: Naps are rare these days. That one hour did her good.

2 pm: I ran. It snowed and was super windy. Not very pleasant, but felt like heaven afterwards.

3 pm: "Badering!" (bath ring)

4 pm: kitchen stories

5 pm: helping pappa cut the skrei (cod)

6 pm: Making fish stock from the skrei remains and the shrimp shells from yesterday - for tomorrow's fish soup. Already excited about it.

7 pm: vegetable preparations whilst Sølve puts Sara to bed

8 pm: we are very happy with how the dinner turned out

9: Ip Man on Netflix

10 pm: Ip Man and her name is moon blog, bedtime very soon


  1. thanks for sharing! it's nice to find out how a particular day's routine is like for your family.

  2. Liker den måten å dokumentere dagen på. Men jeg klarer aldri å forholde meg til et bilde, eller holde styr på klokka. Takk for inspirasjon, fine!

  3. Arhmen altså, jeg elsker de blogindlæg ! Tak fordi du deler. Jeg vil snart lave et lignende igen :-)

    KH Maria



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