Saturday, 18 January 2014

a few 2013 favorites: autumn

September: a weekend in Stockholm with good friends, Sara got into the habit of going to barnehagen/kindergarten every day and loved it, I got back to work after almost two years of maternity leave, I opened my little photo print shop, I started the darker mornings photo project, and my first semester of being a student again started.

October: we all celebrated our birthdays (Sølve on the 26th, me on the 28th and Sara on the 30th), I ate a lot of marzipan cake, I continued running and it felt great, nature dressed in autumn colors, I hiked up mount Ulriken several times, I made American pancakes for the first time, and we spent a weekend in our hometown Sandnes visiting family and friends. 

November: first snow, Sara had a lot of fun with her scooter, I had my substitute teaching debut, got hooked on roasted Brussel sprouts and bacon, I shared my pantry essentials, Sara and I visited family in Trøndelag, we had a house guest for a whole week, Sølve and I had date night (out of the house!), and we spent a weekend in Sandnes so Sølve could run his second half marathon. 

December: Bergen was a winter wonderland for a few days and we had a blast sledding with Sara, I finally started running again after a two months break, we decorated our Christmas tree with our friends, we lit a fire in the wood stove every morning and evening, I was busy with exam and work deadlines, Sølve made the best hot chocolate ever, I updated my portfolio, I shared my thoughts on dinner planning and grocery shopping, and we celebrated Christmas with our families in Sandnes.

2013 was a good year with big changes. I'm excited to see what 2014 brings.    


  1. I LOVE the photo of Sarah reading her book on the floor!!!!!


  2. Lovely to see these photos and memories put together.

    Sorry to hear that you have been sick! It has been −15-20°C here this week and in my mind it is the best weather to go running. Feeling so well after each time around the small lake behind my windows. Hopefully you get better soon!

    Have a calm Sunday!



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