Wednesday, 18 December 2013

what happened to those 2013 plans?

Easter 2011 at the mountain cabin | Kodak Ektar 100, Olympus mju II

This post by Ingvild reminded me of this list below (also posted here) that I made in early January. So, before I share my plans for 2014, I thought I would go through my 2013 list and see what actually happened to all those pretty plans.

- shoot more film - not sure if I have actually shot more film than last year, but I keep shooting film every chance I get 
- learn to properly use my new MacBook Air and Photoshop Elements 11 (I have only used pc and Photoshop Elements 2.0 until now) - I know my Mac pretty well by now, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I have not at all started using Photoshop Elements 11, I have in fact pretty much stopped editing my digital photos
- read in bed before I go to sleep - sometimes yes, too often no
- not check my iPhone for social media updates or surf the web right before I go to sleep - always... 
- become a better photographer, which means that again I must learn to kill my darlings - not sure about this; I can always try harder 
- use my hula hoop every day - I might have used it ten times all year
- cut down on sugar (I have eaten waaay too much of it lately) - I did very well during summer, but the rest of the year not so much
- loose at least 5 kg (damn sugar!) - at some point I might have lost two, three kilos, but now I've gained even more
- paint my nails more often - yes!
- wear red lipstick more often - yes!
- get my eyebrows done - no, still want to do it though  
- spend two week in Spain for our summer holiday - yes!
- get bikini tan lines - yes!
- watch Sara learn to walk - yes! 
- hike and ski a lot - maybe not a lot, because I would love to do more
- continue the dinner planning project - because we love food and find it easier to eat healthy dinners when they are planned ahead - yes!
- sort through my cookbook collection and actually start cooking from them (sounds familiar?) - I've just started, but I'm not at all finished
- continue my Monday photo organizing routine (every Monday I transfer last week's photos from my cameras to my computer and upload a backup to my Flickr) - yes!
- make more Blurb books - yes!
- continue the Friday tradition of "things I like lately" posts - yes!
- get back to work (not until September though) - yes! I also became a student again, which I did not see coming a year ago
- answer your questions - hopefully some time next week - yes!
- print and frame family photos for Sara's room - no; I have printed some photos for the hallway though, but they are not framed 
- drink just a little bit too much Champagne more than once - yes!
- spend more time at the mountain cabin - wish we could spend even more time there, but it's too far to drive (7 hours one way) for a weekend
- kiss my husband and tell him I love him every day - yes!

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