Friday, 27 December 2013

things I like lately

Christmas is all about yummy food, and maybe a little bit too much of it - I see a classic New Years resolution coming up soon… 

- celebrating Christmas with our families in our hometown Sandnes (although I must admit it is at times a little stressful too - so many people, so many needs, so little time to just be)
- sharing delicious Christmas meals with our loved ones
- seeing how much Sara enjoys playing with her cousins 
- giving - especially the Blurb book that I made with photos of Sara from the passed year - it really is the best Christmas present for grandparents!
- getting back to the habit of running - three times this passed week - I'm so proud of myself! 
- manchego cheese and mandarin jam on rye crackers
- a day of beautiful weather in-between a week of bad, bad weather of stormy winds and pouring rain
- Trines mat cookbook 
- our new double duvet 
- Sara finally sleeping through the night again after several really rough nights 
- sleeping in several mornings in a row because my parents get up with Sara 

- - - 

1 comment:

  1. I adore manchego cheese. Try it with quince paste too! Happy new year!



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