Friday, 13 December 2013

things I like lately

pure joy | photo by Sølve

- finishing my exam and a big work deadline - now I can finally breath again
- seeing little birds eat the food we have hung for them in the apple tree in our garden
- I'm usually not a big fan of hot chocolate, but this one that Sølve for me made me change my mind - it was SO good!
- Bergen was a winter wonderland for about two days after the storm last week
- sledding with Sara (two years old)
- Sara hugging snowmen
- decorating our Christmas tree
- having friends over for an early Christmas dinner
- getting out the silverware for said dinner
- Dronning Maud fromasj (a mousse made of whipped cream, whipped egg yolks and sugar, gelatin, port wine and shredded chocolate)
- hva er de største milepælene som foreldre?
- a surprise morning visit from my friend Hanne
- Lucia celebration in Sara's barnehage/kindergarten
- these honest posts by Joy and Sydney
- updating my portfolio
- coffee in bed on a random weekday
- liking our Christmas tree more than expected
- a new season of American Masterchef on tv

- - -

things I don't like lately

- having no inspiration to cook and therefore eating a lot of not so healthy food
- haven't been out running for two months
- haven't taken very good care of my body lately


  1. Herleg bilde og sikkert ein flott aketur :D


  2. I am making a lot of soup, vegetarian chilli and citrus cakes:) Keep running even if it׳s cold. Get dressed well and just do it. It׳s worth it

  3. such an adorable photo. you two are too cute

  4. Hei, dear!
    I love the photo of Sara and you. Make me laugh.
    I am a big fan of Spanish Top Chef on Tv. :-)



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