Friday, 6 December 2013

things I like lately

snow storm from the archives + random snow gif fun from Google+

- mini stickers and contact cards from Printstagram
- a postcard in the mailbox from my friend Nikki
- this interview with Kinfolk designer Amanda Jane Jones
- my friend Maria of Zoo Payne has just started up her photography business! check out her beautiful portfolio at Bygdefotografen
- men that open the door for me
- dinner out at Brygga 11 with my fellow PGCE students - I love this tradition!
- meeting truly inspiring, good people
- advent calendar at the office
- discussing wedding dresses with my good friend M who is getting married in April
- homemade chocolate mousse on a Monday
- seeing how it is slowly beginning to look like Christmas in the homes of people I follow on Instagram and blogs
- finishing a few (big) Christmas gifts early
- my new facial masks from Origins; this, this and this - I love them!
- my new black wool/silk scarf from Becksøndergaard (I have been in need of a new simple black scarf ever since I lost my old one (had it for more than 10 years and loved it so much) in Stockholm) - I have several scarfs from this brand and I highly recommend them - so comfortable!
- snacking on almonds
- L'Occitane verbena shampoo at in my hotel bathroom (the scent of verbena reminds me so much of our honeymoon at Crillon le Brave)
- publishing my darker mornings book
- these words by Ine
- the smell of clementines
- coffee in bed Sunday morning (Sundays are my sleep in days) and hearing Sølve play Handel's Messiah on the stereo in the living room for the first time this Christmas season
- sending out photo print orders (the holiday sale is still on!)
- being warm and safe inside during the heavy winter storm 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- I spilled my drink on my Mac; the topcase and trackpad need to be changed and it costs a fortune (I hardly ever swear, but I have sworn so much over this...)
- destroying my Mac at a very, very bad timing as I'm in the middle of exam, big work deadline and Christmas gift making that all depend on a computer
- dealing with big changes at work (which is actually a good thing too)
- too much comfort eating lately and therefore putting on too much weight


  1. Så mye fint! Og så hyggelig med lenke til meg, takk for det! Ønsker deg og den fine familien din en god adventshelg!

  2. Always love reading these lists. You've inspired me, have just posted one myself :) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Having put on some weight (me too...) shouldn´t be such a catastrophy as men still open the doors for you (I think they should do this more often - my husband included:0)

  4. søte gode du. takk for link, igjen! jeg blir jo glad helt inn i margen, og stolt av at DU liker det jeg drive med. da tenker jeg at det er kanskje litt bra, da? (man er jo sin egen verste kritiker)
    en veldig kjekk mann holdt forresten oppe en dør for meg igår. det er så søtt!



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