Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stephanie shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Stephanie?

I would probably not shoot film without several years of taking digital pictures. I don´t believe analogue photography has to exclude digital and vice versa.

My digital years have been worthwile: I learned to handle the camera in manual mode and figured out what works and what not. But still there was something missing. I started to “destroy” my pictures by adding grain and scratches, increasing contrast. One day i went to a decedent estate auction sale and came over a box with seven or eight analogue cameras. This started my love for film and a rather manic camera collective behaviour.

The feeling when you get a roll of film back from processing makes me happy every time. Film with all it´s flaws adds another dimension to pictures. A certain feel that digital just can´t give you. My pictures often turn out more natural and vivid. Film gives them a soul. I rarely do any post processing when taking analogue pictures. I spent hours in Photoshop to get the same result with digital. And they would still not feel as random and spontaneous as film which i just love about it. You have to let go on one hand. You´ll never know the exact outcome. On the other hand film demands quite a lot of concentration for every shot as well (at least if you can´t afford scores of processing and living on parental allowance like i do right now haha). It´s a bit of a challenge.

See more of Stephanie's photos on her blog.

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