Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kevin shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Kevin?

I think shooting film makes you a less fussy photographer, as a film user you're more likely to take a photo and move on. With digital people sometimes get stuck in a loop of taking lots of pictures of the same thing and picking the best later. With film you tend to shoot and move on, it's only when you get the film developed that you will see what you have. I love the anticipation of picking up a film. Also I find film photography a lot easier when it comes to post processing, I pick a film type before I shoot depending on what aesthetic I want. All I usually do with film pics is remove dust, scratches and maybe tweak the colour balance a bit. With digital it's a hole different story, lots of work before I feel I have a finished image.

Picture taken on a Contax T2 on Agfa Ultra

You can see more of Kevin's photos on his blog.

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