Wednesday, 25 December 2013

December 23, 2004-2013

2004: making marzipan sweets in my parents' kitchen, photo by my sister Mari

2005: Title and caption written on Flickr: A dining room | On December 23rd Sølve and I drove from Bergen to Sandnes to celebrate Christmas with our parents. We were invited to dinner at our friends Bente and Rune's place on the 23rd. Fantastic meal! This is from their dining room.

2006: Sølve is in his parents' laundry room painting building blocks that he made for our oldest (then the only) niece.

2007: at my parents'

2008: supper at my in-laws'

2009: julegrøt at our friends' place

2010: a little detail from my parents' kitchen

2011: Champagne before fish soup at my in-laws'

2012: my parents' neighbour's colorful Christmas lights seen from inside the living room window

2013: a little time our for the cousins

- - -

Click the label "flashback" for more posts like these. Original idea adopted from Sandra.


  1. SO happy I stumbled across your blog. You are fantastic with film. You inspire me to keep shooting with my 35 mms! <3

  2. I enjoy having a glipmse at your wonderful pictures. What a lovely idea to look back a few years. Hope you had a lovely christmas time together with your loved ones. God jul to you and your family!

  3. God Jul til deg og dine Astrid!

  4. Jeg er så vild med dine flashbacks ! Supercool, jeg MÅ prøve det også.

    KH Maria.



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