Saturday, 16 November 2013

things I like lately

November nature

- Bird Mafia (via Não Me Mande Flores)
- Røst - one of my favorite shops in Bergen
- this photo (via someone on Instagram; I have forgotten who)
- postcard pack and wood calendar from Artifact Uprising
- a weekend of visiting family in Trøndelag
- my aunt's bacalao and my cousin's chocolate fondant for dessert
- marzipan cake at the office
- making my debut at as substitute teacher
- punsjknapper (a kind of candy)
- a new Moleskine notebook (old post: what's the thing about Moleskine?)
- fire in the wood stove every morning
- Sara is talking up a storm these days
- eggs benedict for Sunday breakfast
- baking no knead bread again
- Brian's photos for Voices of Industry
- giving in to my guilty pleasure of instant mashed potatoes and sausage


  1. Røst er så flott, en av mine favoritter også :D

  2. I love the wood calendar and your guilty pleasure!



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