Wednesday, 20 November 2013

first snow

First snow of the season, as seen from our living room windows yesterday afternoon. It instantly put me in holiday mood. Talking about the holidays; have you seen the new issue NIB's magazine? Holiday gorgeousness!


  1. Åh, nydelige bilder Astrid! Som jeg savner den byen.. God onsdag:)

  2. Lovely. I especially like how all the photos have a wash of blue over them.

  3. det er så nydeleg som eit dikt.
    du må lova meg å aldri flytte frå den leiligheita dykkar. eg trur det skapast magi der - som smittar omverda.

  4. Lovely photos, snow makes everything prettier. I love how these photos have both cool and warm tones.

  5. hoooo!
    lovely pics ...
    sometimes in my town we have 0ºC.
    but fortunantely we don´t have snow because we don´t are prepared to be warm at home (is so expensive... we just use fireplace) or clean all those snow in front of our door.
    but when we saw all this photos we think: "we love snow anyway" :)
    so thanks for share this photos and we want more...

  6. Ahhh I have noticed a pattern that as summer creeps in in Australia, I love seeing the winter images to make me feel cooler! I just adore your winter images, thank you for continuing to share with us. We were in Iceland last month so this summer I have my own cooling images to sort through and treasure too!



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