Friday, 25 October 2013

things I like lately

my favorite people

- one of my favorite shops in Bergen, Bertha_, has opened a web shop
- the new Konfetti blankets from Røros Tweed
- pom pom garland from tinylittlestitches
- I'm getting more and more fond of marble, so this marble cutting board is now on my wish list (via Marsipan og smilefjes)
- this is very beautiful
- this photo
- Sara's super soft hair
- the concept of dude food, as described in this article in Aftenposten
- An-Magritt's DIY copper candle holder
- a pair of high waisted jeans that are actually comfortable to wear
- making plans for a new Blurb book that will be available in my bookstore in January
- Alice Gao's Pinerest pins
- coming home to my family after 2,5 days away
- dinner at Brygga 11 with fellow students 
- driving through a beautiful autumn palette with muted yellows and bright yellows
- the intense red color of Japanese maple 
- snow covered mountains at the horizon
- komle for lunch at HSH
- a hot bath after being soaked to the skin whilst out running
- upcoming birthdays: Sølve tomorrow, me on Monday and Sara on Wednesday! 


  1. For et fint bilde av far og datter.

  2. Happy birthday to the Hei! family then!

  3. Gratulerer med dagen! Likar desse postane!



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