Friday, 18 October 2013

things I like lately

Sunday brunch at our friends' place

- a Sunday hike up mount Ulriken 
- brunch at our friends' place
- talking about said friends' upcoming wedding
- and our other friends' baby due in February 
- making American pancakes for the first time (using this recipe) - it will definitely not be the last time
- my old Flickr friend Hannah's new Tumblr, simple project - so glad to see she is shooting film again
The Turtoise by Jo Waterhouse
this honest post by Ingvild
these photos by Brian
- managing to back out of the garage without feeling like Austin Powers (like I normally always do)
- after seeing this post over at Bleubird, I got inspired to finally get myself a pair of ankle boots - feels like I have lived in sneakers and other comfortable footwear (Birkenstocks! Nike running shoes!) ever since Sara was born
- NIB's new online magazine nib HJEMME
- shooting a whole roll of film in one go - I will share the result as soon as I get the film developed (I have done it before; see the result here)
- my first attempt at pulled leg of lamb - SO good! I used this recipe
- getting my copy of The Kinfolk Table cookbook - so, so beautiful!
- lots of sunny autumn weather and dry leaves dancing in the wind 
- hearing our upstairs neighbour play violin 
- homemade chocolate mousse 
- first frost in our garden 
- getting hold of one of my favorite films; Agfa Precisa 100
- my first visit to (the ivy clad) school where I will have my first teaching practice 
- a glass of red wine after a really good run
- a generous serving of chocolate mousse after a bad run 
- the ever inspiring collection of photos at ignite light

- - - 

things I don't like lately

- how much those new ankle boots are killing my feet - I'm such a sissy when it comes to (even the tiniest) heels; it's a reason why I have lived in comfortable shoes  

- - - 

What do you like lately?


  1. I forgot about Ignite light, thanks for the reminder! What I like lately: my trip to Copenhagen, coming home, an impromptu date night with joost + the wine tasting we did, and last but not least: stocking up on Santa Maria spices in Denmark/Sweden this past weekend. (Oh the things I bring home from a vacation: towels, glasses, chocolates and spices...!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. So glad you like the Turtoise! I will be sure to share your lovely post.


  3. Things I like lately:
    - The golden light coming into my house.
    - New walks in the mountain villages. You can feel the autumn more than in my village (a lot of sun)
    - Ok, I also made waffles (no pancakes) with an American recipe. I've never been out so good. Fluffy and crunchy. I love them.
    - Oscar and I have since recovered to the routine after a summer full of compromises. We have not stopped receiving family. And we needed to feel what it is to be silent, enjoying our weekends. Eating and leisurely dining.
    - Next week I will meet in person to a woman I met through instagram. I'm excited. I like to know new people.
    - I finished three books in blurb. The years of 2005, 2006 and 2012.
    I need to finish 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
    I'm getting! At the end always opt for the square format. I love it..

    Things I don´t like lately:
    - the eternal warmth on my island. It is true, it´s more fresh, but God, bring summer clothes does not help me to feel like fall, right?
    good, lie, I wear cardigan. But seriously, it's hot to be October 19th!



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