Saturday, 12 October 2013

things I like lately

these colors are some of my favorite things about autumn

- Sara slept until 7:45 am Monday morning and 8:15 am Saturday morning - sooo much better than 06-something
- the news about the birth of my best friend's second son
- visiting our friends and their 10 weeks old daughter
- an impecable seven course home cooked dinner at our friends' place Saturday night
- sorting through and clearing out old stuff - books, magazines, letters, postcards - at my parents' place last weekend
- finishing my first ever 8k run (in 55 min) - I'm starting to really dig this running thing 
- hearing Sølve and Sara sing "Mikkel rev" together
- my new Cos merino and silk jumper bought in Stockholm - it is super comfortable
- glorious sun and blue, blue skies after several really, really wet days - the weekend forecast is fantastic!
- baking plum muffins with plums from my in-laws' garden (I used my apple muffins recipe and swapped apples for plums)
- Sara fell asleep on my lap one afternoon after a no-nap day in barnehagen - which hardly ever happens 
- julemarsipan - too early some will say; it is freshest and best now, I say
- spending the whole Friday with Sara (due to barnehagen being closed) 
- Sara with pigtails and ponytail - they don't last long though 
- Friday night with the husband, homemade pizza, red wine and The Voice 
- fire in the wood stove in the early am
- Ulrika's fish



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