Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October 30, 2008-2013

2008: Title and caption written on Flickr: torsdag 30. oktober | 304/366 | We had to drive today. The door on the passenger side was locked frozen, so I had to sit in the back. The weather has been amazing. Unfortunately I spent about 12 hours at the office. Luckily they were mostly productive hours. I forgot to say: I'm sooo glad we normally don't drive to work. I LOVE to walk!

2009: Good times in Paris with our friends M and K. 

2010: Good times in New York with my best friend and husband, Sølve. Breakfast at Cafe Gitane at our hotel, The Jane - both highly recommended! 

2011: After 15 hours of labour, we finally got to meet our baby daughter Sara. Pictured above: essentials whilst timing the contractions. 

2012: Sara's first birthday! Not too fond of her birthday muffin. The bath toys she got later that day were a big hit though. 

2013: 2! Birthday morning with a bottle of milk (her favorite) and cake - which she didn't even want to taste, so her mamma had it for breakfast dessert... 

Click the label "flashback" for more posts like these. Original idea adopted from Sandra.


  1. Sara doesn't like cake and muffins? Oh, that doesn't matter :) Happy birthday, Sara!

  2. I love your flashbacks Astrid! Many happy returns to Sara - gosh, that means that Claire and I were in Bergen just over two years ago. Time flies.

  3. Happy birthday Sarah!

    Edna (Sami´s mamma since 13.10.11)

  4. Åååå så nydelige tilbakeblikk. Artig med den bursdagsmaratonen familien deres har. Gratulerer med dagen lille muffin!

  5. Happy Birthday to that sweet big girl. : )

  6. Fantastisk idé med tilbageblik - den vil jeg huske på og prøve selv en dag.

    Fin blog i øvrigt, jeg har vist ikke kommenteret før, men kigger jævnligt med her.

    KH Maria



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