Wednesday, 9 October 2013


at the office today

10 good things about today

- a productive day at the office
- seeing a rainbow from my office window
- a delicious fish soup for dinner, which Sara also liked
- making plum muffins (I used my apple muffins recipe)
- dealing with the apple harvest from the garden (peeled, diced and now in the freezer)
- wearing my hair up + my Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes pendant (a gift from Sølve)
- drinking white wine and watching tv (whilst writing this) with my favorite man in the whole world
- listening to a rather interesting radio report about landscaping whilst driving home from the office
- big hugs from Sara
- fresh bed linen

9 places I have made out

- at the mountain cabin
- in Sølve's old room
- in my old room
- at the beach in Australia
- in the ocean in Croatia
- at the good old Hollywood nightclub in Sandnes
- in Nygårdsparken on our way home from a summer party
- anywhere in our apartment
- at airport gates and train stations

8 words that describe me

- happy
- organized
- kind
- polite
- generous
- responsible
- sporty
- creative

7 songs I love (right now)

- Vivaldi "Four Seasons", especially Winter
- Lissie "Record Collector"
- Devendra Banhart "Goin' Back" (thanks for the tip, Maria!)
- The Lumineers "Ho Hey"
- Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines"
- Veronica Maggio "Jag kommer"
- Stevie Wonder "Don't you worry 'bout a thing"

6 dreams

- to become a mother of two
- to visit New York again
- to be fit enough to run a marathon
- to hike across Hardangervidda with my whole family
- to publish a book with my words and photographs
- to one day be truly happy with my body and appearance

5 bad memories

- that time when I broke someone else's doll when I was five years old
- that time when I fell off a chair and made a deep scratch in the floor of my best friend's parents' home
- that time when I was so worn out whilst skiing that I never thought I would manage to reach the cabin by nightfall
- that time when I got appendicitis at the mountain cabin and got as sick as I have never been before
- that time when I was super duper hungover in Moscow 

4 smells

- a clean home
- plum muffins
- bonfire  
- rosemary 

3 things I have never done:

- gotten a tatoo (although I did consider it when I was 20)
- managed to hang a picture in level
- been on water skis 

2 secrets

- I used to sell flower and vegetable seeds through mail order; my firm was named "de små frø" and my ads were handwritten
- I always wanted my future boyfriend to be taller than me (I'm 181 cm), but the boys I was in love with was often smaller than me - even my husband Sølve is smaller than me 

1 summer memory

- Sara covering herself in sand at the beach in Spain and then having a blast in the little waves 

List inspired by two of my favorite blogger ladies Hjartesmil and ting som gjør en glad. More similar posts here.


  1. Hihi, kjenner igjen det med høyde og kjærester! Jeg er 183 cm og vært forelsket i både lavere og høyere menn. Men som regel var det bare de høye som var forelsket i meg tilbake!

  2. Herlig :)
    Inspirert til å ta fram penn og papir å skrive ned litt om meg sjølv :)
    Kjekt å lesa om deg!

    Ha ein fin dag!



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