Friday, 20 September 2013

thoughts on (almost leaving) Flickr

my very first photo posted on Flickr | Dubrovnik, Croatia 2004

Inspired by something my friend Lorena posted on Instagram earlier today, I have decided to more or less stop updating my Flickr photostream. I will continue to only use it as backup. My archives will be available though, although I'm contemplating making them private - just to have one less online thing to worry about. Also, I feel like there is so much spam commenting and weird accounts going on these days. 

So much have changed on Flickr since I signed up in May 2005. The community feeling is no longer the same. I find that most of my Flickr friends have moved over to Instagram. I thought they would come back after all the stuff about Instagram's changed Terms of Use earlier this year + with the launch of the new Flickr app. I quit Instagram and became a happy Flickr app user. But my friends didn't come back. The Flickr community just wasn't as fun as it used to be. So I returned to Instagram, with a private profile. I have not regretted it. Now Instagram is as fun as Flickr used to be and I hardly use Flickr anymore (except for backup). 

I love the instant sharing of everyday moments that Instagram provides. But I still love to share my other photos too, the ones taken with my "real" cameras instead of my iPhone. That is why I have this blog. I don't need Flickr too for those photos. Less is more. 

I might still use Flickr to discover new amazing photographers (if there are still any of them using Flickr at all), especially by checking my favorite photographers' favorites. I do this kind of "favorites hopping" much, much less than before. I used to love it! Here are my favorites.  

What are you thoughts on Flickr versus Instagram? 


  1. Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. There's no real reason why I update my Flickr stream, other than it being a back up like you said. I do upload photo's, but the added bonus of a community, is no longer there. It's just like storing photo's on your computer really. Times change, like always. Instagram is a fine replacement and now that I own a better (camera)phone, it's even more fun than it used to be. Last but not least, it seems to me that it is easier on IG to keep the creeps out of the door... So I say happy instagramming & blogging :)

  2. I agree. I hardly use Flickr these days even though it was great fun in the early years. I found you through "My Everyday Life". I also use Instagram and have much more fun because it's just a few family and friends in my network. Yes, much more fun, quick and easy.

  3. (sorry my english)
    I see the change that has been taking flickr. It is no longer a community of people eager to show their photos, comment and make friends. It is now mostly spam, pointless comments. Not a friendly place as before.
    Just all this has been hit with the fact that I do not like the new design. It's as if suddenly one day I enter my house and robbed me everything. Absolutely everything. I feel strange, besides continually pissed because I have to block all spam I get.
    Has come a time when I asked myself: I can fight with this? no, I think not and I will not.

    On the other hand I'm happy to keep in touch with the essence of flickr (the friendships I've been building slowly over the years) here in instagram.
    It was not in favor of continuing instagram and now I am the first shooting and sharing photos with my mobile phone ha!

    I am very faithful about following blogs, the development of people who appreciate it. For lack of time I do not comment much, but I like reading your posts, view your images. Knowing that they are still there. And they have not changed.

  4. I've never used Flickr for community stuff much, but think of it as a nice place to have a kind of portfolio. A place to direct people if they want to see what I've done the last couple of years. A place to collect both digital and analogue work. While I only use Instagram for my mobile phone pics. And because I use them for different things I don't think I will grow tired of any of them any time soon.

    But hey, that's me.

    Love your blog btw! :-)

  5. I really wanted to love Flickr again. And I tried hard...spend a lot of time on Flickr again. And I wanted to not miss Instagram so much. But well...after staying away from instagram for about 6 months I gave in. I'm still upset about their terms and I thought a lot if I should sign up for an account or not...but I really missed the people over there. Usually I'm a person who sticks to her principles and it still bugs that I didn't stick to this decision...but Flickr just didn't feel the same anymore :(

  6. Flickr is a topic that has been going around in my head for a while. I re-started using flickr and I'm trying to comment on a regular basis. Why flickr? I enjoy looking at BIG pictures at flickr instead of the small format at instagram. I enjoy looking at pictures made with big proper cameras, thoughtful setups and pictures made with in the game of photography. As I have friends at flickr that not moved over to instagram I try to get more active there - like in the good old times.

    The downside of flickr? There are some creepy people around social networks (Oh gosh, this creepy guy who wanted me to join the group "Tall Women"! I blocked him immediately!!!), but these could be kept out by making the pictures visible for family and friends. Other downside is the new layout of flickr in my opinion. I sometimes scroll through the frontpage of flickr just to take a look at the pictures, I don't open the page of a photo and I don't like the new layout of flickr.
    I don't think the question is "Flickr OR instagram" but "Blog, Instagram and Flickr".

  7. Yes, Flickr is not that "buddy", who it used to be...
    I hardly use Flickr lately. The things have changed.
    I miss the good times.
    I don`t use Instagram and I`ll miss your everyday pictures, Astrid. But there is "Hei Astrid" - one of my favorite place and first stop for my everyday. : -)

  8. I completely agree- I've been thinking about this as well. The biggest issue for me is the new Flickr design - I can't use it! Too cluttered - every time I log onto Flickr I immediately close the window before I browse any photos, because I feel like I can't see the photos. There's no white space, no time to sit with a photograph like there used to be.

    I'll probably stop posting there myself, but will keep most of my archive there (and I use it to host images that I post on my wordpress blog).



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