Sunday, 8 September 2013

things I like lately

from the micro vacation at a hotel in the city centre a couple of weeks ago | Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- these looks for autumn (via Unruly Things)
- my new Fall Winter Spring Summer beanie - I'm ready for colder temperatures!
- clothes shopping for Sara - there is so much cute kid's clothing (amongst the horrible stuff...)
- I'm not really into animal prints, but I love these and these shoes
- marsipan og smilefjes
- Anna Gawlak's photos
- this small apartment in Oslo - love the use of plywood! (via Bomania)
- this DIY by Bomania - which is a lovely new to me home decorating blog
- Fantastic Frank's tumblr
- craving these
- drinking just a liiitle bit too much wine on a Friday night with my husband
- dinner at Brygga11
- the first semester of my post graduate certificate in education studies (PPU) started this week and I'm pretty excited about it
- getting to know (some of) my fellow PPU students
- beautiful blues
- adding more photos and illustrations to the hallway picture wall
- the new Greek style yoghurt from Tine
- the new issue of Kinfolk magazine
- these photos by Kristin
- a beautiful bouquet of lilies from my husband
- decluttering
- it's all in the details
- lunch at Landmark with my parents last weekend
- coffee and Kinfolk reading in bed Sunday morning
- homemade bread rolls - made by Sølve and Sara - for Sunday breakfast
- looking forward to visiting the Bergen Food Festival later today

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