Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Petal and Plume shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Petal and Plume?

I shoot film because it forces me to really look. We often lead a fast-paced lifestyle where things come to us all too easily and are so soon forgotten. There is real value to a developed photograph. I have always had an interest and nostalgia towards bygone eras, and film helps me somehow connect with the simplicity of days gone by. When I load my camera, I know I only have about 24 captures, and therefore, I have to make them count. I am careful and meticulous when it comes to lighting and colour and arrangement. It also teaches me to be patient and gracious with myself, because I often don't get it all right. Sometimes beauty comes from my errors, and that is my favorite kind of mistake. When it comes to the art of film, I am forever a learner, and I am very content to be. One last thing: Is there anything like the sound of the film advancing and the click of a new shot?

You can see more of Petal and Plume's photos on her blog.


  1. thank you, thank you, miss Astrid!

  2. well said. :)

    m @ two handfuls of

  3. Beautiful! I'm impatient by nature and doubtful of my skill, so I think that's why I have no (real) desire to shoot film, but I love the way you talk about it here, and there is a (admittedly tiny) part of me that's curious...

    My photography group does issue challenges where we will meet and shoot 36 shots and cover our view finder, that's a close as I've gotten so far and it terrifies me! Thanks so much for sharing this!



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