Saturday, 14 September 2013

a photo an hour

This is what our Friday September 13 looked like:

7:15 am
I hear Sara call for mamma through the baby monitor. I get up, grab my phone and take this photo from our bedroom window. Good morning!

8 am
I watch cartoons with Sara whilst eating a Go' morgen Greek style yoghurt for breakfast. Sara doesn't want anything else than her bottle of milk. Sølve gets ready to bring Sara to barnehagen and go to the office. 

9 am

10 am
Going for a run in the rain.

11 am
Post run facial mask before shower + hanging laundry

Roasted vegetables leftovers for lunch. Added feta cheese and fresh parsley.

1 pm
Figuring out which book to start reading.

2 pm
Reading, with coffee and chocolate.

3 pm
Snacking on roasted chickpeas, recipe found in the newest issue of Kinfolk magazine.

4 pm
Picking up Sara from barnehagen.

5 pm
Making dinner

6 pm
Yay! Pappa is home!

7 pm
Post bath supper, Pocoyo, beer and newspaper reading.

8 pm
The salmon pasta got burnt, so I'm picking up new dinner supplies at our local grocery store whilst Sølve puts Sara to bed. 

9 pm
I watch The Voice whilst Sølve makes pasta with bacon and mushroom sauce.

10 pm 11 pm
Wine and TV

Nearly midnight
Good night

- - -

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  1. What a wonderful view of your day!
    I always love getting a peak at other peoples lives, their schedules, families.
    I would never be able to eat so late at night, I would have passed out. haha.
    Beautiful view of your day, thank you so much for sharing it!

  2. Jeg blir så glad av å se hverdagen gjennom dine øyne! For et harmonisk hjem dere har!

    Ha en fantastisk helg.

  3. loved it! what a great idea to make a photo day diary =)

  4. jeg elsker å være flue på veggen hos dere.
    (og ja, jeg skal også gjøre sånn!)

  5. elsker dette! må huske å gjøre det snart igjen selv også. ... men nå er alt litt kaos...:)



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