Thursday, 19 September 2013

a food list

beet greens | a film I have forgotten the name of, 200 iso, Canon EOS 500N

Some time, in near future, I will

- finally learn to poach eggs
- make French onion soup for the first time
- actually start using my cookbooks, for real
- make a dish with puy lentils
- explore the world of dinner pies
- mix feta cheese and fresh parsley with roasted vegetables: potato, carrot, beet root, celery root, parsnip, onion and garlic cloves
- make humus more often
- make crumble for the first time
- make tarte tartin (for the first time) and apple muffins with apples from our garden 

PS: My food related Blurb books: Smakfulle øyeblikk + The Dinner Project

How about you? Any food wishes or plans for the near future?


  1. Dinner pies are a family favorite over here. Spinach and prosciutto pie, or zucchini and ricotta. The possibilities are endless. Served with a salad and some steamed rice they're a treat! Plus, you can cook them a day in advance and have them ready for dinner on the next evening :)

  2. i also have lots of food plans.
    Onion soup and poach eggs are also on the list. I also want to make homemade granola and to start baking more often.

  3. Onion soup and using my cookbooks for real is on my list too. I also want to learn how to make croissants from scratch. Actually, I want to bake more. I love it, yet always turn to the things I know how to make, not so much trying something new. Hmm, I feel a new project coming my way... haha.

  4. I am planning to use a lot of apples to make desserts, as tarte tatin (I absolutely adore it) but also apple muffins and pancakes, or the evelasting apple-cinnamon cake.I hope to pick some bell peppers and to freeze them for winter, and to find enough blackberry to bake blackberry buns.
    I am looking forward pumpkins too :-)

  5. Hi Astrid, poached eggs are divine. We have chickens in our garden (we live in Kent, the 'garden of England') and the best tip for great poached eggs is FRESH EGGS, they hold together in the water so much better. If you use old-ish ones the white part goes all floaty and will not hold together. If you know anyone who has chickens, or have a market where they know when the eggs were laid get those eggs.


  6. Min plan går på å få meg et kjøkken. Føler alt er snudd på hodet, nå når vi pusser opp. Men når kjøkkenet er ferdig, skal jeg lage masse deilig(e) mat(planer)



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