Thursday, 8 August 2013

where I lounge

This month's challenge over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs) is "er du en stuepike?" - in other words; show off your livingrooms. 

The homemade daybed is where it all happens after Sara has gone for sleep for the night - like now. We watch TV,  read books and magazines, play around online - doing the whole couch potato thing, especially in autumn. 

For a lot more details and photos of our livingroom before and after our big renovation, please check out this post if you are interested. 


  1. Dette er det FINESTE bidraget i hele konkurransen.
    Og jeg mener det!


  2. Veldig enig med an-margit. Dette bilde stoppet jeg ved. Sjarm og sjel. Noe rørte seg i meg ved dette bilde.

  3. Åh, her så det kjempetrivelig ut! :)



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