Sunday, 4 August 2013

this I like lately

our house in Calpe came with a pretty awesome view  

- summer holiday! which sadly ends today 
- looking forward to getting into the swing of everyday life again - which hopefully means getting into regular blog posting again 
- good times at the mountain cabin - even though the knott (midge? gnat?) were super duper annoying 
- learning how to make no knead bread - thanks a lot Jakob! 
- vacation in Spain with some of our closest friends and their kids (we were six grown ups and five kids) 
- bikini tan lines
- lots of bathing 
- pool bathing after dark 
- seeing how much Sara LOVED bathing, both in the ocean and the pool at our house 
- seeing how much Sara LOVES hanging out with her grandparents 
- seeing how much Sara's language skills have developed during summer 
- the frappuccino at the cafe next to our local beach in Calpe, Spain 
- the view from our house in Calpe
- eating lots of fresh tuna 
- self caught (by Sølve, not me) brown trout grilled on the camp fire 
- cava, every day whilst in Spain 
- the news about the birth of our friends' healthy baby girl - can't wait to meet her! 
- meeting my friend C's brand new baby girl + seeing little O (born only three days before Sara) as a big sister 
- the news about my friend H's pregnancy
- Vigdis' dinner project 
- shooting film 
- reading a couple of very catching crime novels; Englemakersken by Camilla Läckberg + Ildvitnet by Lars Kepler 
- famous cars (via A Cup of Jo)
- being caught in a heavy rain shower whilst out running 

- - - 

things I don't like lately

- my grandmother - my namesake - passed away
- no air condition in the house we rented in Spain (my body is very little accustomed to temperatures above 20 C)
- being constantly sweaty and sticky because of the heat and SPF 
- mosquito bites 


  1. Så trist å høre om bestemoren din - kondolerer.

  2. Wellcome back, Astrid!
    Sorry for your granny.



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