Friday, 30 August 2013

things I like lately

finding comfort in the ordinary in a week of big changes | Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- Sara's first week of barnehage (kindergarten) has been surprisingly successful 
- enjoying some time alone whilst Sara is in barnehagen
- little by little realizing I'm actually a student again - even though I'm quite overwhelmed by it too
- seeing our livingroom amongst all the beautiful livingrooms in this post over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs)
- ordering my copy of the Kinfolk cookbook
- the ever inspiring photography and style of Toast
- this looks good
- a cup of my favorite instant soup
- making matpakke for Sara and packing it in Susanne Kaluza's cool box
- having a house guest all week - which means I had a guest chef in my kitchen 
- afternoon sunshine in the garden
- our long weekend at Mogen with my parents - more photos to come; I shot a lot of film
- seeing a big herd of reindeer whilst hiking last weekend + a fox, a little mouse and a tiny frog 
- my parents are visiting this weekend whilst Sølve is away with the boys 
- super inspired by Jodi/Ché and Fidel's words and photos lately
- this and this photo by the ever talented Lars

1 comment:

  1. Så koselig å få være med på en så fin liste!

    Ibens barnehageuke ble litt amputert siden hun måtte hentes febervarm etter lunsj på onsdag. Men vi tar rolige dager hjemme :D

    Deilig med helg, håper dere får en fin en!



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