Friday, 16 August 2013

things I like lately

it is really pouring down today and it feels like autumn, so I'm longing for a bit of this - even though I dislike all the sand + being sweaty and sticky from sunscreen all day ;-) | Fuji Superia 200, Canon EOS 500N

- this interview with the ever talented photographer Alice (PS: Alice shoots film)
- the 50 most perfectly timed photos ever (via Hanne)
- my Prinstagram photos
- Sara and I have visited her barnehage (kindergarten) several times this weeks, and it seems like she loves it (she will start going there for real at the end of the month)
- Sara walking our friend's dog (a shiba) Hama - it was cuteness overload!
- our new bedside lamps
- having film from our vacation in Spain developed
- having two of my photos published in Frankie magazine issue 54
- baking another no-knead bread
- a visit to IKEA to look at the news and get the new catalogue - always exciting! (I have kept the old catalogues since 1998)
- seing idafrosk's book live in the bookstore - I'm so impressed with her project!
- seing how much Sara loved hanging out with her three cousins last weekend
- gooseberries straight from the bush
- this photo and this photo
- these photos by Brian and this by Shari
- honey, I just LOVE honey

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Answers to a couple of reader questions:

Anonymous asked (in a comment on one of my what's for dinner posts):

I am wondering if you only make a meal per day! We make always lunch and dinner!

Dinner is normally the only warm meal I have per day. Sometimes I will have dinner leftovers for lunch, but normally lunch is a sandwich, for example with ham and cheese, jam, hardboiled egg etc. A sandwich lunch is a very typical Norwegian lunch.

Kristin asked:

En ting jeg har lurt på en stund:
Du har titt og ofte lenker til innkjøp du har gjort fra litt off-mainstream, kule utenlandske nettbutikker som jeg ofte aldri har hørt om før. Kan jeg spørre hvor finner du dem hen/finner inspirasjonen til innkjøpene?

Nesten uten unntak finner jeg lenker til nettbutikkene via blogger jeg leser. Finnes det ikke lenke til nettbutikk, googler jeg merkenavnet og finner oftest et relevant resultat på den måten.

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  1. Thank you for your reply! Here in Lisbon we have always lunch and dinner as warm meals! But for most of people dinner is most important because is when the family is all together at home! Is very interessnat to know new other cultures and habits from other countries :)



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