Monday, 5 August 2013

the holiday is gone, the everyday is on

summer sunset after rain; I like this photo a lot | Fuji Superia 200, Canon EOS 500N

Today was not the best day. It was pretty crap actually. Sara woke at 5:15 am and wouldn't go back to sleep. I kept my mood up in the early morning hours, looking forward to her good, long nap later in the morning. No such luck. She slept for half an hour. After that the whole day has just been about killing time until bedtime. Also, it has been pouring down all day. Bleh! 

On days like these, I think it is extra important to make note of the positive and good things during the day. So, this is what I liked today

- a (mostly) tidy apartment 
- leftover pasta with melted cheese for lunch
- having two rolls of film developed
- Norwegian sweet cherries
- lots of giggles with Sara - despite both of us being super tired all day
- I made a surprisingly good risotto for dinner
- a chat with our neighbor who has a son Sara's age 
- a glass of red wine 
- making dough for no knead bread (will be baked tomorrow morning) 

So, any good things in your life today?


  1. Oh dear Astrid, I feel for you having a 5.15 start to the day. My kids are big now (6 and 8) but for a long time my son started the day EVERY day at 4.30, it didn't matter how much I tired him out or what time he went to bed, it was his body clock and it was hell. But it was a phase and now he is a super sleeper. I guess your sun is coming up very early too at the moment? Just know that there are a lot of us reading who really understand what you are going through, and have been through ti ourselves and I love the honesty of your writing - the good with the bad, it's healthy and it's real.
    Sarah Nielsen

  2. I LOVE (!) the title on this post :-)

    (...and yes, days like that... ufff, survive them and be happy they are few)

  3. This day will pass, and tomorrow will hopefully be filled with lots of sleep! and best of all it's the weekend soon :)
    My good thing was that I was surprised with a ceramic workshop for an early birthday present today. It was a lovely surprise especially as I had a crap morning too.



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