Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Right now Sara is in barnehagen (kindergarten) without me or Sølve for the first time. When I left her, she said "ha det mamma" (bye mummy) and kept on playing. No tears. I felt a little choked up though. She has been there for 1,5 hour now and I just got a text message from one of the staff saying everything is fine. I'm at home; feeling scattered, not quite sure what to do. I have not shed any tears, but I feel a little nervous ache in my stomach. 


  1. Oh, all your feelings are absolutely normal, Astrid. I remember, mine were the same some years ago. First day is easy. The tears will come later, but I am sure, Sara will have a good time in the kindergarten.

  2. Here comes a *hug* for you!

  3. Hej Astrid,
    my daughter will start kindergarten in October and of course I hope that she adjusts as well as Sara but however it goes I´m sure I´ll be the one sitting at home/in my office close to tears, too. I think we all know that we must let our kids go, step by step, and little steps indeed at this young age, but after we´ve been soooo close with our babes all these months it might be harder for the moms to cut the cord. I´m definetly nervous when I think of starting kindergarten. There will probably be tears on my daughter´s side (she´ll be just 15 months in October) at one point, but I know it is right for her to start now.

    Greetings and a *hug* from Hamburg

  4. Hi, Astrid! Have really enjoyed catching up with your vacation posts and the progress of little Sara. Time flies and I can't believe she is happily going off to kindergarten. You will both be fine, but I do remember that same sinking feeling in my stomach when my boys were Sara's age. On the bright side, you will have time for you and when Sara comes home it will be such a happy reunion. Soon she will be telling you stories of her day.



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