Tuesday, 9 July 2013

what we had for dinner, week 26

Monday: grilled sausages, grilled corn, leftover potatoes, asparagus and gravy from Sunday
Tuesday: grilled sausages and leftover panfried potatoes
Wednesday: grilled salmon, grilled corn, marinated mushrooms
Thursday (not pictured): grilled steak, baked potatoes and homemade béarnaise
Friday: first course: mussels, second course: lamb, Greek salad, roasted potatoes and gravy
Saturday: grilled entrecôte, potatoes, salad and homemade béarnaise
Sunday: first course: Asian inspired grilled salmon and cucumber salad, main course: grilled steak, salad, potatoes and gravy, dessert: grilled camembert and crackers

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about this project

- every Monday I post the week's menu
- I also post what we actually had for dinner the passed week (because it is fun to see if we actually followed the plan)
- there might be links to recipes, but the menu will mostly just be basic ideas for the dinners - often just based on what ever is in our fridge, freezer and cupboards
- Saturday and Sunday dinners will often not be planned ahead because we have a habit of buying whatever looks good in the store when we are out grocery shopping Saturday morning

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a small change for the summer

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