Sunday, 16 June 2013

things I like lately

evening sun light in our livingroom | Fuji Provia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

- this story about the Finnish baby box (via A Cup of Jo)
- this birthing film (via Che and Fidel + Zoo Payne) - this is the first birthing film I have ever seen and I had no idea I would get so emotional seeing it
- having my mum here for the weekend watching Sara so Sølve and I could hang out with our friends, eat tons of delicious food, drink (too much) champagne and stay up way too late
- seeing how much Sara LOVED being with her "momo" (her version of "mormor")
- Sara feeding the lion, panda and elephant
- my new Essie clambake nail polish
- running dates with my friend M
- dinner in the garden
- this illustration by Jacob Lysgaard (found at Made in Bergen)
- discovering new (to me) shops in the city
- lunch and sweets at my all time favorite Godt Brød
- looking down
- red and white clovers
- roasted rhubarb with vanilla ice cream
- this photo, and this, and this
- Chinese take out with our friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon

- - -

As mentioned last week, I turned off word verification for comments and turned on comment moderation for posts older than 14 days. The word verification for comments is back - I get too many annoying spam comments when it is turned off.

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