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guest post: Zoo Payne's days

Today's post is brought to you by Maria, head mama of Zoo Payne, and one of my favorite bloggers. Following her everyday life - with three children, a husband and a varied selection of animals on their farm in Norway - is such a joy. Her photos always put a smile on my face! I recommend you bookmark her blog as well as her Instagram instantly.

Take it away, Maria!

My day starts between 6 and 7 am, when Freja (3 yrs) usually hollers from her bed "mammmaaaaaaaa" or "daddyyyyyyyy", to which of course she doesn't get any response (we're trying to make her stop it and choose the silent version of starting the day), so her big sister Ronja (8 yrs) who shares bedroom with her wakes up and reminds her that she can just climb out and walk in to our bedroom. So she does, eventually. If my husband has early shift, he's already up by then to feed the animals and himself.

The kids and I snuggle in bed for a little bit, before we get up and go to the bathroom. Freja is home with me and Falk (4 months) two days a week, the rest she goes to play school with her daddy/ my husband, who works there. Everybody gets dressed, then off to the kitchen. The girls are not very hungry in the morning, so they just have toast or a yoghurt. I make lunches and tea (although to be fair, Ronja has started making her own lunch box most days now. My big girl!), and they're all out the door between 8 and 9 am, depending on which shift my husband has that day.

Then I shower and have my breakfast, while Falk naps and Freja plays if she's home. I love oatmeal, so I'll always have that with some variation; either as porridge, baked in the oven, or like cereal with milk and almonds and shredded coconut.

I don't really do routines, so Falk is not on any type of eating/ sleeping schedule. I don't stress about it; I know his rhythm will come gradually and naturally. So he feeds when he wants and sleeps when he needs to, and the rest of the day is spent doing laundry/ dishes/ etc, going for walks in the fields and forest, hanging out with our animals, playing and generally faffing about quite a lot.

Lunchtime for us solid-eaters is usually between 11.30 and 12.30, and we'll scramble eggs, or boil them (but leave the yolk runny, importantly), and have that with buttered toast and cheese.

Ronja comes home from school at 1.30 or 2.30 pm depending on what day it is, and she'll have a snack and then be right off cycling. She never tires of it. We'll all be outside in the afternoon, playing, before I pop in and start dinner before my man comes home. We usually have dinner between 4.30 and 5.30 pm, and always eat together (well, if you can call what Freja does eating: one bite and then she's off again).

Then we have a cup of tea and go outside to do our farm jobs and help daddy out. It's feeding animals, fixing fences and tending our vegetable garden, and of course lots of playing. Falk hangs out in his sling so we can go everywhere easily.

Bedtime starts around 7 pm, with sandwiches and milk and stories. Falk goes off to sleep first, then Freja, and then Ronja. We always stay in the bedroom until Freja goes to sleep (like you, Astrid!), because it's nicer for her and quicker for everyone (if not, she'd just get up a hundred times and the whole process would take ages). We sing to her, she goes to sleep quickly. Ronja gets herself ready for bed, and then her and I read a chapter or two from a book, right now we're reading The Little Prince. She's off to bed around 8 pm.

When all the kiddos are asleep, my husband and I finish the daily jobs around the house and farm, and then we both go on the computer for a bit, before we sit down together for a chat and a beer. These days we sit on our front porch, in the sunset, it's so lovely. I feel so lucky.

We're in bed by 11 pm (I try to go earlier, but these light summer evenings are just too nice to miss), and I'm woken up by Falk for his nighttime feed between 3.30 and 5 am.

My days are quite wonderful right now, both because of the season and because I am lucky to be home on maternity leave with Falk. I cherish every one of them.

Thanks for having me, Astrid!
Love from Zoo Payne*

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  1. Takk for at jeg fikk bli med gjennom dagen:)
    Elsker bildene og pennen din Zoo Payne mama!

  2. Lovely house and lovely knitwear! Am really enjoying reading about everyone's days and am working on my own post on my blog about my little boy's, will let you know when it's done.

  3. What a fun read, such an idyllic way to raise children, close to nature, enjoying the slow pleasures of everyday life. This sweet blog will make it to my everyday blog reads:) next to Hei Astrid of course. Looking forward to more parenting related posts as the above!

  4. I just discovered your blog via Astrid´s blog list and like it so much! Thank you for sharing.


  5. Perfekt! slikt elsker jeg å lese i en blogg. det finnes jo få mer inspirerende ting enn andres hverdagsliv. mer slikt takk! og gjerne fra noen uten blogg også kanskje?

  6. dere har så fine blogger begge 2 :) fint og lese om Zoo Payne sin hverdag hos deg! har du skrevet et sånt innlegg om deg og dine å ?? :)

    1. skrev jo helt feil på siste der, skulle stå så fint innlegg du har skrevet om deg og dine å ;)

  7. Herlig blogg og innlegg :)




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