Thursday, 30 May 2013

what's in my Kånken

I found out via Sara/Sweet Harvest Moon that I love my Kanken is hosting a giveaway. I love my Kånken, so I'm participating in the giveaway with this photo.

This is the typical content of my Kånken when I'm out and about with Sara (19 months old, today!): A bottle of water, iPhone headset, iPhone (of course! not pictured though, as I used it to take this photo), Läkerol pastilles, Lypsyl lipbalm, a pen, a little book to entertain Sara (a gift the last time we flew SAS), Becksøndergaard wallet, house keys, Cliniderm tinted lip balm SPF 25, sun cream SPF 30 (summer has arrived in Bergen!), tissues, smoothies for Sara, an apple, a banana, sandwiches (either Sara or I deal well with low blood sugar), milk for Sara, cherrios for Sara, diaper bag which contains diapers, wet wipes, zinc cream, waste bags, changing mat, tissues and antibac.   

By the way, it is always fun to see what other people have in their Kånken/bag/purses, don't you think?


  1. I always have Läkerol (blue ones) in my coat pocket, yum!

    Glad you loved the 'what's in my kanken' challenge :)

  2. Yes, I love to see what others carry around, too! I posted a photo of my bag and its contents yesterday, too :) It was this weeks topic in Nic's weekly photo challenge:



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