Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The used duel is the theme of this month's challenge over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs). Our home is full of used furniture and other home things. You won't find me first in line at the flea markets, but I do love a good treasure hunt for used goodies with a story to tell.

The stool and (wash) bowl are from Sølve's grandmother's cabin. The blanket on the daybed is inherited from my grandmother.  

The old fruit crates are from the basement at Åsly, the family holiday home. The binoculars are from WW2. 

The Figgjo Flint "Sissel" plates are from Fretex and the cutlery are from Sølve's grandmother's cabin. Old tableware from Figgjo Flint, Stavanger Flint, Egersund Flint and Porsgrund Porselen are some of my favorite things to go treasure hunting for. 

The orange sofa is from Fretex, the blanket is from Sølve's family, the fruit crates are from the basement at Åsly. (The beautiful "Gran" pillow by Fine Little Day is just bought in Fjeldborg's lovely shop.)

The green wing-back chair was one of my grandparents' first purchases as newlyweds. The dining chairs are all inherited from family. 

Same stool as above. Cup and saucer are Figgjo Flint, from Fretex. 

The mason jars are mostly from the basement at Åsly. The jug was a gift from my mum, who bought it in an antique shop.

The chandelabra is from Fretex. 

The cake stand was a wedding gift from my aunts and uncles, bought by an uncle who has a lot of knowledge about antique glass. 

All photos above are from my archives. I have not had the energy to take new photos over the last few days. Luckily we are all (mostly) up and running again today.

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