Friday, 31 May 2013

things I like lately

15 (very) long stemmed roses from the very best husband to celebrate our 15 years as a couple

- Sølve and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary as a couple today
- fresh tuna steaks and spicy fruit salad with coriander for dinner tonight
- summer in Bergen
- wearing shorts and sandals (pretty much) all week
- sandal tan lines
- cherry blossoms dancing in the wind
- this Becksøndergaard canvas bag - perfect for summer!
- cow parsely and lilacs
- taking part in the annual 4 mountain hike for the first time - followed by having a bunch of friends for dinner in the garden
- pavlova - I'm hooked!
- grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch - an all time favorite
- seeing how much Sara loves digging in the sandbox these days
- this salad
- a new cookbook
- evening sun light and sunsets seen from our kitchen window
- åpen barnehage (playgroup) moved outdoors in the gorgeous summer water
- roasted beetroots for dinner (a recipe will be posted soon)
- finishing a film
- strawberries and whipped cream whilst baby naps
- rhubarb, at last - will make this for dessert tonight
- I'm off for my first overnight trip alone after Sara was born (about time, isn't it?!) - Oslo here I come!


  1. Yeh! Enjoy your trip, Astrid.

  2. congrats on the anniversary og i agree with you on that canvas bag :)

  3. Gratulerer fine dere! 15 år, og så søte sammen. Et forbilde, er dere.



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