Friday, 24 May 2013

things I like lately

Bergen has really been showing off today | iPhone photo processed with VSCO Cam 

- Sophie Robert's photos
- having my fringe cut (I considered cutting my hair to shoulder length, but didn't have the courage to do it)
- mella & malla
- stop by the corner
- wearing Sølve's black t-shirts (I'm tall - 181 cm - so I find it hard finding t-shirts and other tops that are long enough for my liking)
- dandelion weeding our lawn
- Sunday morning room service
- a new picnic blanket from Åhléns
- super delicious lamb shanks for dinner Saturday night
- neigbours have cut down a large tree (sad face) which makes our kitchen window view even more beautiful (happy face)
- this post by Mammadamen
- the sneak peek of Jessie Webster's home on Design Sponge
- having two of my photos published in Frankie magazine issue 53
- renewing my subscription to Kinfolk magazine
- cookbook shopping online; this and this
- Printic (via Fine Little Day)
- cherry blossoms! and rododendrons have started blooming
- a fantastic weekend at Voss celebrating the Constitution day, skiing (!) and enjoying the sweet taste of summer
- updating Sara's wardrobe
- Sara's excitement over new sandals
- a lunch omelette with ham, cheese (Norvegia and Balsfjord) and chives from the garden

- - -

I don't like
- that something weird has happened to my MacBook Air
- I'm using my old, slow and noisy PC while the Mac is being repaired


  1. Gled deg til Super Natural Every Day, fantastisk kokebok!

  2. I'm so happy to be in "the things you like lately". Thanks a lot Astrid & congrats for your Frankie publication ;-)



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