Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Jerry shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Jerry?

I started to shoot with film since I had my first “Visual Communication” course in the University 8 years ago. We were given a topic every week and were asked to shoot with Positive Slides only (It was KODAK ELITE CHROME as I remember), that’s when I first got amazed and completely fell in love with analog photography.

I am sure every film shooters understand why shooting film is enjoyable and un-replaceable. It’s about the picture quality, the color, the authenticity, the anticipation, the unpredictables, the surprises, the challenges, the entire developing process …and most importantly, your connection to the shot and memory with that particular capturing moment. It is always magical when you dig out a random shot and you can instantly recall and tell the complete story behind it.

In short, film, makes your shots meaningful and give photography its soul.

(So get yourself a roll of film now! You won't regret it :))

You can see more of Jerry's photos on his Flickr.


  1. For et fantastisk bilde!

  2. That is such a beautiful photo! That's on my birthday list for this year, an analog camera and film, there's certainly something much more beautiful and magical about analog photography.



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