Monday, 20 May 2013

hus og hjem - the article is online

Photo: Gidske Stark 

Just a quick note to tell you that the article about our home, that I mentioned in my previous post, is now online. Read it (in Norwegian) and see more photos here.  

PS: There are a few photos from our long weekend at Voss in this set at Flickr. I'll be back to regular posting this week. 


  1. Morsom kommentar om vin, Astrid! :)

  2. Så fint hjem dere har! Og jeg likte ekstra godt bildene av Sara på magen på sofa og sengebenk - så skjønn!

  3. Så fin artikkel, varmet langt inni hjerterota! Hjemmet deres er nydelig!! Kommentaren om vin, haha. Så hjertens enig!

  4. Fin artikkel og elsket ideen med skyvedør.

  5. Haha, the first sentence next to the image is translated to: "Weitere Features: Rinderbrust im Wohnzimmer dient sowohl als Sofa und Aufnahmeraum."

    Which means in English: More features: the beef brisket in the living room acts as sofa and recoding room.



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