Saturday, 25 May 2013

a photo an hour

This is what our Thursday May 23 looked like:

7 am: rise and shine

8 am: Installing Office on my Mac. And then it died. Sara watches the garbage truck while I load the dishwasher.

9 am: getting ready to go to åpen barnehage (playgroup)

10 am: snack time in åpen barnehage

11 am: out for a walk to Gamlehaugen with the people from åpen barnehage

noon: lunch time

1 pm: nap time

2 pm: a long nap today and a coffee break for mamma

3 pm: dinner for Sara (she loves whole grain macaroni) and second lunch for mamma (whole grain macaroni with pesto and cheese)

4 pm: time to do some digging

5 pm: still digging, now with the neighbour boy, while mamma chats with his mamma and baby brother

6 pm: watching cartoons

7 pm: ready for the first run in a long time

8 pm: it was hard, but feels good

9 pm: after dinner foot rub

10 pm: just chilling

10:30 pm: a lovely sight just before bedtime


  1. This day looks so much as one of mine (except for the running....) Thank you for sharing!

    Edna with S. (born the 13.10.11)

    PS I had my hair cut last year, was very happy with it but now I´m letting it grow again. Short hair needs more attention than long hair

  2. Å, så fint innlegg. Det var koselig å se dagen din. Hm, kanskje jeg skal prøve det også?

  3. Ja!
    Flere sånne!
    Så gøy å følge en hel dag med dere!

  4. It's amazing that the sun is still up at 10pm! Is that day when the sun doesn't set at all coming soon? :)

  5. Hello! Silly question - dinner at 3 pm? That seems kind of weird for Italian standard. Is it normal in Norway? Does she have a snack or a proper meal in the evening?
    Oh, and one more silly question - what time does she go to sleep usually?

    Love the pics and the atmosphere you manage to capture. Feels like being there. And wow, lots of light up north :)

  6. Beautiful! You should try the Days app if you have an iPhone. My husband just created it and I capture our days just like this every day, so now I have this sweet visual journal of my son and I doing our usual. I love it so, so much. You can get it here!

  7. Så gøy å se! Hvilken åpen barnehage går dere i? Vi går i Bymisjonen sin på Landås :)



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